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  Sustained drought index and industry development direction in the future  
Time:2011/9/23 16:04:28  Fromin:KING-HOPE CO.,LTD  View:2958

This year across the country " electric shortage" tide is a prolonged break in in full fury. In Zhejiang appeared a rare off-season with electricity. Early in April this year, Zhejiang has appeared since 04 years and most serious shortage, the power gap about 2000000 kilowatts to 3000000 kilowatts, since the middle of August, Zhejiang province to take measures, wrong peak load of 3000000 kilowatts, however, until September, its use electric breach still amounts to 2000000 kilowatt, numerous medium and small enterprises is still at pull brake to be restricted report state.

This continued for nearly five months of shortage, can be said to be nearly seven years to come the most serious shortage, appears early, destructive, and still no signs of abating. As a high energy dissipation and electrical enterprises, for a long time, electric shortage as" inhibition", let the mechanical and electrical enterprises can't get rid of, and often painful.

With the national energy-saving emission reduction efforts to increase, backward production capacity continues to be eliminated, mechanical and electrical enterprises can change production means, weaken the shortage of destruction, the relationship between the enterprise to change rapidly in the industrial adjustment whether stand firm, to keep the momentum, is of vital importance for the event.

Electric shortage causes complex.

On the severe shortage reason, various news reports reflected the view presents a complex and diverse characteristics, the industry public opinions are divergent., in these views, and online Xiaobian summary two common causes.

One, the sources of energy in short supply. Rising domestic prices, the coastal power plant coal-fired units of large area into the power loss caused by power shortage problem, coal barren. In addition to market adjustment price, also cannot eliminate human intervention energy production, according to CCTV" economy half hours of September 8th" reported that, at present industry monopoly, the insufficient competition in coal, man-made resource bottleneck, raise prices.

In addition, the power grid construction lag, external power to into the situation also make some areas of" forget electric sigh", Zhejiang hair changes appoint an official points out, power construction cannot keep up with the growth of power demand, this is the fundamental reason for the shortage of electricity in Zhejiang.

Two, energy production can not meet the rapid growth of energy consumption. From the China Electricity Council data shows, this year first half of the year the total electricity consumption 2251500000000 kwh, an increase of 12.19%. During the same period, the scale in power generation capacity of 2216600000000 kwh, compared with the same period last year growth of 13.5%, apparently, power supply and demand both sides in the rapid growth, but in several southern provinces, the demand for electricity outperform the generating capacity.

State Grid Corporation responsible person said, "look up" high energy-consuming industries is the chief reason for the increase in electricity. Last year under the energy-saving and emission-reduction pressure is inhibited while the high energy-consuming industries production concentrated release. A quarter, chemical industry, building materials and other industries with high energy consumption for power growth of power consumption of the whole society the contribution rate of more than three into.

Deal with the shortage of energy saving and emission reduction is direction

When the electric shortage appears, for mechanical and electrical enterprises, is undoubtedly a great test, electric shortage appears to be mechanical and electrical enterprises" inhibition", cannot get rid of, often appear must be hurt.

As a high energy consumption industry, pull brake to be restricted report must be restricted electrical production schedule, a lot of enterprises in electric shortage period, dare not receive orders, and some enterprises in order to ensure the production, will choose to buy their own power generating equipment, and general corporate use of diesel generators, each made of electricity costs in 1.5 ~ 2 yuan between, far higher than normal power purchase price.

At present a lot of enterprises to meet the electricity measures how palliative, electricity comes from the social economic environment and government policy, the combined effect of multiple factors, the government needs to accelerate the construction of a power project, while supporting the new energy industry, on the other hand enterprise oneself also should be to develop the vision for strategic deploy, think of ways to improve the production efficiency, to ensure energy-saving emission reduction and the yield of good balance.

According to the electromechanical online Xiaobian understanding, the State Council recently issued a"" Five-Year" plan of energy". As the adjustment of economic structure, industrial upgrading and transformation of society is heavy, the next 5 years, China's energy-saving emission reduction greater intensity, higher standards, relevant measures are more powerful. This shows that for the electrical and mechanical enterprises, energy-saving emission reduction pressure will continue to increase, as the country and eliminate backward production capacity to increase the pace, the objective requirements of enterprises must change the mode of production, upgrade technology, improve energy efficiency, reduce the production cost, can not behind the industry trends, will not be eliminated.

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