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  Ice making machine common fault reasons and eliminating methods  
Time:2011/9/11 16:06:20  Fromin:KING-HOPE CO.,LTD  View:3104

Ice machine is a kind of water through the evaporator refrigerant cooled by refrigeration system to generate ice refrigeration equipment. According to the evaporator and the generation process principle, generating ice shapes are different, people generally according to the shape of ice will be divided into granular ice machine ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, plate, shell tube ice machine ice machine and so on.

According to the purpose and characteristics of ice, ice is mainly divided into: tube ice, ice, ice particles, flake ice ( water / seawater ), plate ice ( water / seawater ), transparent ice, ice water. No matter what kind of ice, is decided by its characteristics purposes. According to ice shapes can be divided into: squamous flake ice machine, the snowflake shape ice machine, ice machine, plate ice machine, ice machine ( can be divided edible small ice machines and industrial big ice machine, ice machine, particle machine ), tube ice machine ice machine, bullet.

One, ice machine water leakage may occur due to:

1) the lower water collection box is not installed

2) the water box full of water

3) connecting tube

To solve the water leakage fault for ice making machine:

1) installed under water box

2) after the water bag

3) to install,.

In two, ice machine ice possible reasons:

1) no electric power socket

2) the power socket has electricity, a power plug is inserted.

3) the power socket has electricity, the power switch is not turned on

4) the power socket has electricity, fuse

5) does not meet the requirements of environmental temperature

To solve the ice-making machine not ice making method:

1) check the power socket

2) stuck plugs

3) is switched on the power supply

4) the replacement of fuse

5) to meet the requirements of environmental temperature

In three, the noise from the ice machine in the possible reasons:

The 1 floor is not solid )

2) other refrigeration pipeline

3) ice machine placed not smooth

To solve the noise from the ice machine big method:

1) replacement of laying places

2) the separation of

3) change of position or gasket

Ice making machine use:

In general, the action of ice is divided into three kinds: one for cooling, and edible, three man-made scene, for viewing. Subdivision, ice-making machine in aquaculture, food, supermarkets, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, vegetable fresh-keeping transport, marine fishing industries are widely used, along with the development of society and people continuously improve the level of production, ice industry more and more widely, the ice is getting higher and higher quality requirements.

The ice machine" high performance"," low failure rate"," health " and other requirements become more and more urgent. In summary the flake ice machine is used in the processing of aquatic products, meat products in the process of processing, food processing, supermarket and aquatic product market, the application of long-distance transportation process, in the laboratory, pharmaceutical, chemical, artificial ski industries have also been widely used, application in concrete engineering.

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