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  The first domestic truck crane truck developed  
Time:2011/9/23 16:06:20  Fromin:KING-HOPE CO.,LTD  View:5268

Recently, from the three one port division independently developed lifting transporter lorry SY9250JSQ3501 complete acceptance and delivery, it is the port division product technology innovation is another major breakthrough, marking the first domestic truck crane truck developed, fill our country is in the technical gaps, break foreign lifting transporter lorry monopoly.

SY9250JSQ3501 truck crane truck is currently the world's first used" fixed hanger + Mobile hanger structure technology" design of truck crane truck, has strong bearing capacity, a multi-purpose vehicles, lifting arm cadre control a number of industry leading technology.

The product set of lifting, loading and unloading, transportation in one, can satisfy 20 or 40 feet of different specifications of the box, box container handling, and can be implemented in 1 rows of 2 layer of the container itself, handling and stacking operation. Equipment vehicle length 18780mm, width of 2490 mm, the maximum lifting height 6460mm, can load 35t, is the industry's most powerful container truck crane truck.

It is reported, lorry crane carrier in the international market has been developing for nearly 30 years, and the domestic development in this field have not yet started. With the domestic transport container to accelerate the pace of development, logistics companies face container handling, transport means backward, efficiency is low and difficult, with the heavy box loading functional products such as more than 31 tons of heavy truck, crane was the cost of truck crane truck more than two times, and without transport function. Lifting transporter lorry has low cost, one of multiple use and many other advantages.

Port Department Institute launched the lifting transporter lorry SY9250JSQ3501, race to control the commanding elevation of industry field, also did not appear on the market, much home client dished out the "olive branch".

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