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  The domestic market of steely raw material price rises drop differ  
Time:2011/9/23 16:06:20  Fromin:KING-HOPE CO.,LTD  View:5426

According to Lange steel information research center market monitoring for 17 categories of 31 specifications varieties of steel price data showed: the thirty-fifth week of 2011 ( 8.22-8.26 ) the main varieties of steel market prices were mixed, with thirty-fourth weeks compared to rise, decline in the number, the number fell flat slightly increased, breed increases somewhat. There are 6 varieties of rose, than last week to reduce 5; 16 flat, than last week to increase 1; 9 breed drops, increase 4 than last week.

The domestic steel market prices of raw materials mixed, scrap and coke market prices remain stable, the market price of steel fell 10 yuan, 20 yuan price of iron ore market. China's CPI innovates repeatedly tall, 15CrMoG high-pressure alloy pipe material and labor costs rise eventually pushed the high manufacturing cost. At the same time as a result of irrigation works investment and the construction of social security housing needs, the second half of the domestic steel will still maintain high operation cost.

The domestic iron and steel enterprises Baosteel recently announced in September the mainstream products of stainless steel tube manufacturers ex-factory price policy, including on hot rolled products raised 60 yuan / ton, cold-rolled products raised 120 yuan / ton. This is since May this year, the first increase in 316 stainless steel prices baosteel.

Baosteel's price adjustment and the steel market has a close relationship. For nearly a month, the domestic steel prices after Chonggao down process. According to the well-known steel spot trading platform for monitoring, from mid July to early 8, Tianjin recycling price from 4790 yuan / ton rose to 4880 yuan / ton, and in the U.S. debt crisis and the international financial market turmoil, quickly fell to 4820 yuan / ton. As panic gradually dispersed, the current steel prices have been stable.

According to Lange steel information research center market monitoring display, as of August 26, 2011, the domestic city 10 big focal points of 12 kinds of main varieties of steel price rises drop each other shows. Among them: < 6.5mm high price for 5058 yuan, than last week fell 11 yuan; < 25mm two screw steel price 4954 yuan, than last week fell 21 yuan; 5.5mm hot-rolled coil average price of 4837 yuan, than last week rose 1 yuan; 1.0mm cold-rolled plates volume average price of 5550 yuan, than last week rose 34 yuan; the 20mm board price 4879 yuan, than last week fell 6 yuan;

4 inch pipe price is 5047 yuan, than last week rose 10 yuan; 108 * 4.5 seamless pipe price is 5855 yuan, than last week rose 44 yuan; 25 # steel price 4894 yuan, unchanged from last week; 5 # domestic steel price 4888 yuan, than last week rose 18 yuan; 25 # channel price 4768 yuan, with the last week flat; 1mm galvanized plate price 5824 yuan, than last week rose 2 yuan; 0.47mm Caitu plate price 6608 yuan, unchanged from last week.

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