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  The 110th Guangzhou Trade Fair of Guangzhou press conference  
Time:2011/9/28 8:57:06  Fromin:KING-HOPE CO.,LTD  View:5396

The Canton fair since its inception in 1957, after a severe test has never been interrupted, strengthens the Chinese and world trade, showing China's image and achievements in development, has become China's enterprises to develop the international market platform, promotion of foreign trade development the important way of quality and China open to the outside world the important sign. In 55 years, the Canton Fair for the cause of China's foreign trade development made enormous contribution, especially China's accession to the WTO ten years reform, fair, exhibition scale and do meeting level to realize leaping development.

A is the scale of the exhibition leapt to the forefront of the world. The exhibition area from 2001 ninetieth to 160000 square metres in 2011 109th 1160000 square meters, stand by more than 8 to increase to 58600, exhibitors from nearly 5000 increase to 2.4, exhibits a variety of types from 50000 increase to 150000 kinds.

Two is a comprehensive exhibition to comprehensive and Professional Union change. The exhibition area of 20000 square meters of area development to 26, more than half the area have reached the domestic similar themes of professional exhibition level.

Three is composed of one-way exit platform into import and export with two-way trading platform. In 2006 100th of the GTF, Premier Wen Jiabao personally announced fair changed its name to the Chinese import and export commodities fair. In 5 years, the fair has attracted 3955 overseas quality exhibitors. The 109th import exhibition area of 20000 square meters, overseas exhibitors amounted to 534, for the import and export balanced development plays an effective role in promoting.

Four is the number of overseas buyers and turnover increased substantially. Each of the buyers to number is broken through 200000, including the new buyers accounted for 30, 50%, the world retailer 250 strong in 125 to buy; turnover growth of 1.5 times, each $37000000000.

The five is the transformation of foreign trade development guide further enhanced functions. The Canton Fair has expanded from pure Exhibition for the protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the quality of products and services innovation design platform. Brand pavilion from the ninetieth session of the Canton Fair 159 nearly 500 to exhibit increased to 109th 1916 about 11000 booth, mechanical and electrical products in the proportion of turnover increased from 39% to 54%, in support of the more independent intellectual property rights, independent brands, independent marketing, content of high technology enterprises and commodity exhibition.

From first to 109th, the fair has a total turnover of nearly 9 billions of dollars, will be the buyers of nearly 6000000 people, become the world's largest impact is the biggest, effect is the most obvious, one of the show.

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